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technology development

technology development

Adr-book is one of the leading providers of information about computers / software. The articles we provide offer practical solutions to problems with computers and software. Our website is a rich source of information of gadgets, software and applications to orient you with the features and functions of latest gadgets, software and applications. We cater to the needs of individuals, businesses and companies who wish to seek ways to harness the full potentials that technology has got to offer.

Why settle for what you have now when you can achieve optimum performance? Why go for trial-and-error when you can get solutions that have been proven effective? Why waste time, effort and money investing in dubious methods and leave to fate the direction of your business when you can seek for direction with us who bear the blueprint to stir you to success?


What do we have to offer?

Online Presence

Online presence is very crucial nowadays. It is something businesses must never undermine. Mobile phone, tablet and computer users spend most of their time online for a variety of reasons. Businesses can rely on us for tips on how to boost the attention from netizens to your website and increase conversion to purchase of your products and services. We introduce gadgets and software that can greatly contribute to the ease in organization and management of your business. We can offer tips on how to improve the interface of your social media sites to attract more friends and followers. We can offer information about software that can help you monitor the traffic of your sites or your campaigns.

Businesses can get online presence and expand the network of their potential customers. We feature company profiles in our site and make sure that our netizens get to read them. We also provide the link to your company site to increase the traffic to your site. It is the best way to personally communicate with your potential clients who are interested in computers and software. It is also crucial to keep your clients up-to-date with the latest news about your company in the fastest and most convenient way — the internet.


Ronald Reagan once said that information is the oxygen of the modern age. Netizens seeking for information about computers / software can browse our site. Our interesting articles provide news about the latest trends of the online world so that you do not have to waste your time browsing the net for hours and getting flooded by junk information. We connect you to companies and businesses who offer services and products that could help you in your search for practical solutions to your daily problems. We provide information on how to turn your time spent online into financial opportunities.


The exchange of information is a two-way street. We believe that effective communication involves the interaction of companies and their clients. Businesses can connect with their clients and provide them with information. They are provided with the feedback necessary in the evaluation of their services and products. Clients can leave their comments and inquiries and interact with other netizens as well. What you need to know about computers / software are featured in our site.