Every employee who is engaged in daily work in an oil rig or any chemical plant is always at a risk of getting hurt by an explosion or the leakage of any harmful chemical. If such a situation arises where the worker is exposed to deadly chemicals, the first step towards their safety is to protect their eyes from any damage. The eye needs to be saved from injuries first, and then other organs can be focused on. In order to do this, every plant needs to have emergency showers and eyewash stations.

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About emergency showers and eyewash stations

The emergency showers and eyewash stations have essential equipment that must be installed at any place or factory where people deal with harmful chemicals and hazardous substances on a regular basis. These instruments, which are often in the form of a cabin or a cubicle, are installed in order to protect the employees from the effects of the chemicals and other hazardous substances.

The types of showers and eyewash stations

The types of emergency showers and eyewash stations vary from country to country, but they are all made to serve one purpose. The list given below mentions the most significant of the lot:

·        Safety Shower – The safety showers are used to wash the whole body of the person and are usually in the form of an overhead shower through which the water flows at an enormous pressure. The user is required to take out their clothes and stand under the shower for washing off the chemicals. These showers are not suitable for cleaning the eyes because of the high-water pressure.

·        Drench Hose – A drench hose is a long pipe connected to the primary source of water. A drench hose is used to spray water on a particular spot on the individual’s body where the chemicals had the most effect. It usually sprays water at a high pressure and is useful for places where the whole unit cannot be installed.

·        Eyewash station – An eyewash station is a unit which is designed to wash the chemicals out of the user’s eyes. The water is sprayed at low pressure in order to save the eye from damage. The user is required to keep his eyes at the station for 20 minutes in order to get a full cleaning done.

·        Combination unit – A combination has all of the above mentioned separate units molded into one single entity. These are used in laboratories where space is limited. They serve all of the above purposes and some more. Check out at Absorb Enviro


The emergency showers and eyewash stations are essential for every laboratory and factory dealing with hazardous chemicals. In most countries, laboratories don’t get their license without having them installed. Other than the above, chemical spill response kit and an oil spill kit must also be fitted.

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