Importing Used Japanese Cars into Australia
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It is an interesting fact that though many cars are made within Australia and sold all over, there are a lot of people in the country who prefer to import cars from Japan. Most of these may be used cars from Japan, but some new cars also get imported. There are agencies, which specialise in helping the buyers in Australia in importing cars. For example, if you are keen to import Toyota Supra model from Japan into Australia, you will be able to do so with the help of such agencies. But you will also have to fully grasp how the whole system works.

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There is a Well Laid down Procedure

When you have made up your mind to import a car from Japan, you might not be straightaway aware if the car you wish to import is available in Japan or not. It is only when the agency goes back to their Japanese counterparts to check on the availability. There is one category called JDM car import (JDM stands for Japanese domestic model) where used cars, which were manufactured for the Japanese domestic segment and used by the Japanese can be bought in auctions and brought to Australia. One can import Toyota Supra model also through this process.

First, the process and the details on how to import a Japanese car: To begin with, you should get in touch with the import agency which is going to help you with your desire to have a car imported from Japan. They will let you know the details of how it works, and the costs attached to the process. There is the ocean freight to be paid and various other charges and expenses before you can finally start driving the car in any Australian city. It will also include the service charges payable to the agency for handling the complete process.

If you have understood the details and agreed with the service charge payable, you need to remit this first and then only the actual process is set in motion. The car you want will be located through the Japanese contact and the car will then be inspected, and the report sent. This report will be shared with you, the prospective buyer, and if you feel the car is worth being imported, the agency you have hired will arrange to have the bidding done for the particular car in the Japanese car auction.

Successful Bid and the Car can be yours But through Due Process

Once the bid that the agency placed is the winning bid, the value of the car and the other expense will have to be paid by you. If you have bid to import Toyota Supra car, the agent will raise the invoice for the complete amount after taking into account the exchange rate between the Japanese Yen and the US Dollar and the US Dollar and the Australian Dollar. Once you pay up, there is a timeframe involved for the car to be made ready for shipping, the time for the vessel to arrive at the Australian port and the clearance through Customs and the final formalities at the workshop of the agency to make the vehicle roadworthy in Australia. You can now drive a Japanese car in Australia. Read more at

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